Friday, April 6, 2012

Heading to an island near you

The blanket lays well and has a thickness that I didn't expect.
It should serve well as a light mat for a baby and a warm cover. I made quite a scene when I presented the completed project to my knitting group. They had commented more than once on the span of time I had used to complete this blanket.
Glad that is over
This is my "A WIP No Longer" dance

I dance because I have finished this blanket that took me a year to complete and I dance because I leave for a conference in Puerto Rico next week.
I need the break. 
I am excited about the conference on international women's issues. I expect to read on the plane and in the airport and crochet during the conference. I don't want to bother with TSA and crochet hooks. Or heavens, wondering if a fellow passenger thinks I am going to overpower him with a bone crafting tool.
The new project. The Infinity Wrap

The pattern calls for a thicker yarn. I plan to make extra motifs and add rows to compensate for the smaller yarn.
Jodi at these skeins for me over a period of three years. Therefore the yellows don't match perfectly. I will make it work
I hope to combine the motifs into a lovely wrap.
I wonder what dances I will do when this one is complete.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

National Crochet Month

March is National Crochet Month
I plan to finish this blanket by the end of this month. I give the craft of crochet my humble adoration. I have crocheted off and on since grade school. Sometime before 4th grade or around 4th grade and as recently this afternoon.
March 31st happens to be the birthday of the mom who will be receiving this blanket. August is the birthday of the baby.
I don't really have much to say.
Last week at my weekly knit/crochet group, the gals holler "You haven't finished that blanket yet?"
That brought on much speculation about the appropriateness of giving a baby blanket to a toddler.
Several suggested that I put it away. Perhaps, I should pull out some chunky weight yarn and complete a new. larger blanket.
I moved forward.
August 2011
Here we are in December

I took about 3 weeks off.
I used that time to work on another project and let my hands rest.

Last week
I am now using a regular bone hook. Putting away that afghan hook had to be the best moment ever.
No. Handing over the edged and blocked blanket will be the day I do my happy dance.
Counting down......

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Need You to

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During my recent illness I asked Aunt Lydia to escort me to the pharmacy.
I don't like to drive myself when I am sick. I do very stupid things.
During our car ride to the local Korean restaurant (I like to spoil myself on take-out when I am sick) she makes a request of me.
I couldn't believe it. She had forgotten that I am a slow knitter and a selfish crocheter.
Instead of gently refusing her, I asked her why.
I am trying to imagine this. TOPS stands for Take Off Pounds Sensibly. How did a sea creature known for getting out of tight spots become the mascot for a weight loss group

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Octopus by ~leovilela on deviantART
My imagination runs away from me as I pondered that thought.

I ask her if she has considered what size she wants or what color.

I suggested that we head to a craft store to purchase the yarn in the weight and color of her choice. With a frown she asserts..
 She had me there. I agree to make an octopus for her. An aminaguri worthy of angel wings purchased from the local Hobby Lobby.

I shouted.
Absolutely, NOT.
I refused to take part in this sick game to destroy a handmade aminaguri octopus using my STASH yarn.
Appalled, I informed her that she and her group were nuts.
And this is what I made for her.
Adorable aren't they? I used a needle to sew the tentacles onto the baby octopus. I would like to see her try to cut those off without some guilt.
But if I were given a do-over, I would mount the baby tentacles onto the body with velcro.
That is the problem with us crafters. Once our creations have been completed, we consider techniques that would make the item better.
I might still do it. She could pull off the tentacles in a dramatic fashion without destroying my creation.
Let me think about it.....

That does it. I am going to head to the store and pick up some velcro.
It's not over until all the yarn has been put away.

Monday, January 2, 2012

And There Were Tears

Sock making is serious business.
The first time I cast on a pair of socks, I cried. Big tears. I shouted at people and I blamed the world for the demented technique of sock making.

I documented it here
I tried again.
I completed 7 inches of the sock and began heel.

An inch and a half later, I felt great about my skills.
I was getting the feel for sl one,knit one
I can purl continental style with enthusiasm. I am so confident that I begin knitting while reading a book on my laptop.

The next day, I join the knitting group at the locally owned coffee shop near my house on New Years Day for some relaxation and tea.

I receive many complements on the design, the ribbing pattern and the color choice. My first pair of socks that made it to this point. I am pleased. Until I hear someone say, "is your heel inside out?"
I feel my eyes fill with water
  My new approach to sock making.

I just want to mention that I had tears when Steve Jinks died, too. SyFy, I hate you for giving me a new character to love then killing him off.
Image src:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The baby is out growing his blanket.

As much as a love my old roommate Rain and her Baby Jak. I want this blanket completed and removed from my sight.
At least I haven't had to unravel it in over a month. I am up to 4 skeins of Berroco Comfort DK
Aren't we cute in our mfPJs?
He just keeps growing. Up to 17 pounds at 4 months.
As I pull things off of my couch and my bed. I see that I have a few WIPs for 2011 that will lovingly share 2012 with me.

I would like to complete this hat before the New Year.
I know. That made me laugh as well.
I am making it for a gf with long locks. One day. 

Until then it will sit next to the socks I have been making for Elossa and my lightning shawl.
Actually, I am seeking more yarn for the shawl. One of my knitting group gals has extra skeins in a bin somewhere in her house.

Elossa's socks
I hope to finish them before the end of the Mayan calendar
Just waiting to be sure that I have enough yarn to finish this

And that is my end of the year update.